Integrated Application of Optical Storage and Charging

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2022-07-11 15:39

Definition of optical storage and charging

The "photovoltaic storage and charging" integrated power station, in short, is a comprehensive function power station integrating photovoltaic power generation, energy storage and charging. It has three characteristics: 1. It can realize the self-use of photovoltaic power generation; 2. The surplus electricity is stored; 3. It can be combined with the energy storage peak and valley electricity price difference to arbitrage.

Operation mode

1. Grid-connected mode

The integrated light-storage-charge charging station is integrated into the power grid. In addition to receiving energy from photovoltaic solar panels, the energy storage battery is charged when the electricity price is low and discharged when the electricity price is high. Make up for the shortcomings of discontinuous solar power generation. When the power grid is out of power, the optical storage and charging system can use the off-grid operation mode to emergency charge the new energy vehicle.

2. Off-grid mode

In response to the island scene, when there is light, photovoltaic power generation supplies power to the charging pile and the energy storage, and when there is no light, the energy storage supplies power to the charging pile.

main value

1. Photovoltaic carport, spontaneous and self-use, and at the same time shelter the vehicle from wind and rain.

2. Energy storage can not only store photovoltaic energy, but also cut peaks and fill valleys, reducing electricity costs.

3. When the power grid is out of power, use emergency backup power as a backup power source.

4. Reduce the load pressure of the urban power grid without the need for capacity expansion.

System composition

Classification project parameter
Photovoltaic carport Photovoltaic modules Large brand monocrystalline silicon modules connected in series
carport Channel steel welding
battery energy storage Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
battery power 100KWH-300KWH
Other configuration Air conditioning, fire fighting, etc.
Charging pile DC fast charge 30KW-240KW
AC slow charge 7KW
Smart Control Photovoltaic charging When there is light, use photovoltaics to supply power to the charging pile
energy storage discharge Cut peaks and fill valleys, and use energy storage to supply power to charging piles during peak electricity prices

Technical route

AC side grid connection

DC side grid connection