The official website of Kexinjuli is officially launched!

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2022-07-11 15:25

Guangdong Kexin United Power Co., Limited, is a subsidiary controlled by Kexin Communication Technology (300565). The company's new energy industrial park is located in Huiyang District, Huizhou City, with a construction area of ​​171457.08m2. R&D, product experience and display, production and delivery are integrated. The first phase plans to produce lithium iron phosphate square aluminum shell cells with a capacity of 1 billion Wh and a system capacity of 2 billion Wh.

Relying on the 20-year development of Kexin technology in the communication industry, United Power is based on high-end network site energy, and its products cover communication base station backup power, home energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage and other fields. Kexinjuli launched the 2U-48100 network site energy for the first time in the world, and developed the world's thinnest wall-mounted home storage system (thickness less than 10cm) and industry-leading non-walk-in industrial and commercial container energy storage (40-foot installed capacity) capacity>5.5MWh)

Backed by Kexin's listed company platform, Juli is positioned as a professional energy storage system solution provider. In the domestic market, Kexin has received hundreds of millions of orders from domestic operators such as China Mobile. In the international market, Kexin has now become a global strategic partner of Ericsson and Nokia. At the same time, Kexin acquired European EFORE in 2019, trying its best to develop the global market.

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