The municipal government welcomes and thanks all the experts and entrepreneurs who came to participate in the promotion meeting

Release time:

2022-07-11 15:24

On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Xue Zhanhai expressed his welcome and thanks to all the experts and entrepreneurs who came to the promotion meeting. He mentioned that Yan'an is a highland for entrepreneurship and innovation and a blessed place for investment and business development. Accelerating transformation and development has resource advantages, industrial foundations, basic conditions, and park platforms. In particular, Yan'an High-tech Zone accelerates the construction of a new high-tech industry city, which is a high-tech industry. The development of technology industries and strategic emerging industries provides an important carrier. Entrepreneurs are welcome to enter Yan'an, understand Yan'an, and invest in Yan'an. We will adhere to the service tenet of "do it right away, do it right away", and make every effort to provide the most favorable policies, the most convenient conditions, and the best quality services for entrepreneurs to come to Yanyan venture capital, and create a first-class investment and development environment. Let the majority of entrepreneurs rest assured, feel at ease, and settle down in Yan'an, and jointly compose a new chapter of co-prosperity and joint development in the new era.

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